Simple Christmas

The very idea of Simple Christmas seems impossible, with the frenetic pace of modern life. We can’t change the world, but we can change how we approach Christmas.

Joy to the World!

Christmas and music go together. Most of us can’t imagine celebrating Christmas without singing “Silent Night” or “The First Noel” or “Away in a Manger.”

An Anchor for the Soul

Doubters, seekers, skeptics and believers alike are looking for answers to difficult questions - “How can I know God?”, “Who is Jesus and what makes him so remarkable?” Dr Ray Pritchard answers these questions in a humble but affirming articulation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, written for today’s audience.

The ABC's of Christmas

With this Advent journey, we’re going to let each letter of the alphabet teach us something important about the Christmas story. Along the way we’ll meet the Wise Men, the shepherds, and a bad king named Herod. We’ll also meet Joseph and Mary. Best of all, we’ll meet the One whose birthday we celebrate.

Let’s Go Straight to Bethlehem

In this 25-day devotional guide, Ray Pritchard retraces that ancient journey, one first taken by the shepherds long ago. This Advent season, renew your wonder and joy at the glory of Jesus’ birth.

Faces Around the Manger

Through this 25-day devotional, Ray Pritchard introduces us to the many faces around the manger. Experience new joy as our Savior becomes the center of this Christmas for you.

Faces Around the Cross

Ray Pritchard leads us on the journey that starts on Ash Wednesday and ends on Easter Sunday. Along the way, he introduces us to the many faces around the cross.

Credo: Believing in Something to Die For

The Apostles’ Creed is the most widely accepted creed of the church. Brief but powerful, it is so clear and biblical that all branches of Christendom enthusiastically embrace it. When we stand up together and say the creed that begins with, “I believe,” we are expressing many of the core beliefs of the Christian faith. But have you ever thought about what you’re saying? Whether you recite the Apostles’ Creed every week or hardly ever, all Christians should understand what it means and why it’s important.

In His Steps

47 devotionals aimed at helping us prepare for Easter and know Christ in a deeper way, as we explore many of the places and people Jesus encountered as He walked this earth 2,000 years ago.

Discovering God's Will for Your Life

How can we know God’s plan for us? While there aren’t nice cookie cutter answers to every difficult decision you will have to make in life, there are principles we can learn and apply.

Fire and Rain: The Wild-Hearted Faith of Elijah

The prophet Elijah was rough around the edges, a complex mountain man whose faith was remarkable and yet not without periods of fear and discouragement. The story of Elijah is full of drama and powerful lessons in leadership and total dependence upon God.

Why He Came

There is no more pressing question today than this: Why did Christ come to the earth? This special advent devotional explores this question and many other important ones as well.

The Healing Power of Forgiveness

When we learn to forgive in the way God - the Supreme Forgiver - forgives, then well know true freedom, peace and emotional healing

Stealth Attack

How can we possibly defend ourselves against an enemy who doesn’t fight fair? Satan’s scorched earth tactics tactics are not unlike those of the modern day terrorist - asymmetrical and bent on the complete destruction of his adversaries. In Stealth Attack, Ray Pritchard explains how believers can win this battle.

Why Did This Happen to Me?

At least once in your life, something so difficult and painful will happen to us and we will ask “God, why is this happening to me?” Find God’s strength through these heartaches.

In the Shadow of the Cross: The Deeper Meaning of Calvary

After thirty years of being a Christian and twenty years of pastoring, Ray Pritchard takes a fresh look at the deeper meaning of the cross. The result is a spiritual torch that will ignite a revival in your soul.

The Incredible Journey of Faith

The life of faith is a journey with God that begins the moment we trust Christ. It is is about learning to give up control of those things we never really controlled in the first place.

The Leadership Lessons of Jesus

Bob Briner and Ray Pritchard unearth important leadership lessons from the life of Christ, based on the book of Mark. Applicable to anyone who wants to become a better leader.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions About the Christian Life

Straight Bible questions to questions about specific religious doctrine to questions about current controversial issues. This book is for new believers, young Christians (both in age and in years knowing the Lord), and for any church member or spiritual seeker who needs a refresher course in the Christian faith.

He’s God and We’re Not: The Seven Laws of the Spiritual Life

The spiritual life is a mystery until we understand that it begins and ends with God. Dr. Pritchard explains why spiritual quests often begin with a desire to know “oneself” - yet, we cannot discover our spiritual identity apart from God.

And When You Pray: The Deeper Meaning of the Lord’s Prayer

Many people have committed the Lord’s Prayer to memory but have never examined it closely - yet these five verses can revolutionize your prayer life.

Man of Honor

Two timeless passages from Scripture provide us with 25 characteristics that, when you put them together, create a dynamic portrait of the kind of man God can use.

Lord of Glory

The Bible contains many names of Christ. His names tell us who he is. Each one unlocks an aspect of his character. In this Lenten devotional series you'll learn of these varied and meaning behind the names, titles and descriptions of Christ.

Who is That Man?

This ebook focuses on critical questions found in the four gospels. Some are questions asked to Jesus. Some are questions asked about Jesus. Some are questions asked by Jesus. This book is ideal for individuals or small groups who want to find answers to these questions, especially the most critical of questions, "Who is that Man?"

The ABC’s of Wisdom: Building Character with Solomon

In the book of Proverbs, King Solomon left us a treasure trove of practical principles for daily living. The ardent pursuit of wisdom is every Chistian’s calling! Wisdom “is a tree of life to those who embrace her. Those who lay hold of her will be blessed.”

Something New Under the Sun

For a generation desperately searching for reality - and not knowing where to find it - God wrote a book that sets our feet in the right direction. Join Ray Pritchard as he follows Solomon on his journey to truth through the book of Ecclesiastes.

Names of the Holy Spirit

This book follows Names of Christ in a trilogy designed to help Christians better understand the glory, majesty, and power of the triune God. A devotional study of the Holy Spirit which looks at His ministry throughout Scripture as revealed in the names the Bible gives Him. Knowledge of Him will help you understand His power, His intercession, His indwelling, His gifts, His anointing, and Fruit produced in believers.

What a Christian Believes

Are angels and demons real? Is there any proof that God exists? These are just some of the important questions many people have about the Christian faith, addressed in this book.

Green Pastures, Quiet Waters: Refreshing Moments From Psalms

In the third book of his Wisdom Trilogy, Pastor Ray Pritchard takes us far away from the clamor of the everyday, not by removing us from our situations, but by putting them in the proper context of God’s Word. Spend a few moments meditating on the Word of God in Green Pastures, Quiet Waters.

Beyond All You Could Ask or Imagine

In Beyond All You Could Ask or Think, Ray Pritchard urges readers to explore the fullness of God’s purpose for our prayer lives. Using the apostle Paul’s prayers as models for our own, Dr. Pritchard shows us how praying according to God’s will always leads to God’s blessing.

The Way of Excellence: Love

“Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” These words of Jesus strike many as odd. In today’s society love is defined by a feeling, but the Bible offers a different picture. Pastor Ray Pritchard demonstrates how love is a choice and a gift from God to the individual and then from the individual to their community. When Christians understand the love God has toward them, loving their enemies becomes natural.

The Way of Excellence: Faith

Every Christian is faced with thousands of choices everyday. Some carry greater consequences than others, and with every crossroad Christians need to decide whether they will walk in the light of God or in darkness. Faith is what keeps believers moving toward God even in times when God is hard to see. Dr. Ray Pritchard believes that while Christians may not see God’s big picture, if they walk in faith they will find themselves surrounded by the light of God.

The Way of Excellence: Hope

“Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” These words of Jesus strike many as odd. In today’s society love is defined by a feeling, but the Bible offers a different picture. Pastor Ray Pritchard demonstrates how love is a choice and a gift from God to the individual and then from the individual to their community. When Christians understand the love God has toward them, loving their enemies becomes natural.

Keep Believing

In Keep Believing, Dr. Pritchard affirms what the Bible declares: that God is good and His mercy endures forever. This is true regardless of our moment by moment experience. God has provided comfort in our times of struggle and healing in our times of hurt through the balm of His Word.

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Ebook: In His Steps

No one who met our Lord ever stayed the same. If Christmas tells us why Jesus came, then Easter tells us he fully accomplished his mission. In between those two events we have the whole life of Christ. That’s our focus as we walk “In His Steps”, a book of 47 devotionals for the season of Lent (the period of time leading up to Easter).

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