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Thursday Night Chat: Advent in Two Weeks

November 15, 2018

Check out this Thursday Night Chat: Advent in Two Weeks. We talk about Erwin Lutzer’s Emmy, the cold weather, Leroy’s letter, and the debut of “Christmas Promises,” our brand-new Advent ebook. Click here to sign up for the free email sermons.

Good Words for Today: November 15

November 15, 2018

The believer who arms himself with the Word of God will never lack for a weapon in the battle. It answers all our doubts and all our discouragement. This is all we have and this is all we need. The church marches triumphantly when it relies upon God’s Word.

30 Thanksgiving Sermons

November 14, 2018

We’ve put together a page with 30 sermons appropriate for Thanksgiving. You are welcome to use this material in any way that might be helpful to you as you prepare sermons and Bible studies or simply to increase your own gratitude to the Lord for all his blessings. Enjoy! #GiveThanks #Thanksgiving #KeepBelieving Click here to sign up for the […]

Good Words for Today: November 14

November 14, 2018

To a world that rejects authority, the church must declare the authority of God. The world says, “We want freedom.” God says, “If you want freedom, obey my Word.” We must proclaim the truth of God even to those who reject it because it is the truth that sets men free.

How Leroy Met Jesus in Prison

November 13, 2018

I wanted to share with you one of the more amazing prisoner letters we’ve received. It comes from “Leroy” who is an inmate in a prison in Missouri. He read An Anchor for the Soul and then wrote to say thanks. You’ll have to squint a bit to read what he wrote because I carried […]

Good Words for Today: November 13

November 13, 2018

If you’re not regularly challenged by what you read in the Bible, you’re not doing it right. It’s good to read the Bible. It’s better to let the Bible read you.

Good Words for Today: November 12

November 12, 2018

“Crown him with many crowns, the Lamb upon his throne. Hark! how the heavenly anthem drowns all music but its own. Awake, my soul, and sing of him who died for thee, and hail him as thy matchless king through all eternity.”

Good Words for Today: November 11

November 11, 2018

Lord Jesus, help us not to fear going slowly. We thank you that even when life seems to pass us by, and we feel like we’ve been put on the shelf, you’re not finished with us. Amen.

Good Words for Today: November 10

November 10, 2018

“Pray until you can pray; pray to be helped to pray and do not give up praying because you cannot pray. For it is when you think you cannot pray that is when you are praying.” Charles Spurgeon

Here’s the cover for “Christmas Promises”

November 9, 2018

Here’s the cover for “Christmas Promises,” our 2018 Advent devotional ebook. I’m now doing the final proofing of the text. The ebook will be available for download the week after Thanksgiving. I hope you will join us on this Advent journey starting December 1!

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Thursday Night Chat: Advent in Two Weeks
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