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Don’t You Believe in Miracles? (45:13)
If God works miracles some of the time, why doesn’t he work them all the time?
Forward-Leaning Defense (57:42)

The second session of the 2008 Josiah Venture Spring Conference in Ostrava, Czech Republic. (Sermon)

Strength for the Journey (34:52)

In his final message at the Josiah Venture conference in the Czech Republic, Pastor Ray encourages us to stand fast because the God who chose us for salvation will also give us whatever we need in every situation. (Sermon)

Praying For Your Prodigal (50:23)

When you pray for a loved one who seems hardened against the Lord, pray that the eyes of their heart might be opened so that the light of God can come flooding in. (Sermon)

When God Prays For You (41:10)
Romans 8:26-27 assures us that when we can’t pray, the Holy Spirit prays for us. When you cannot speak, he speaks for you.
God Has A Bigger Plan (47:52)
God’s purposes span the centuries. He does not confine himself to our timetable or limit himself to our puny understanding of what he intends to do.
Asymmetric Spiritual Warfare (33:37)
Using the war on terror as a backdrop, this sermon explains how Satan attacks us asymmetrically. He works the angles and uses many small attacks in order to bring us down. Unless we understand Satan’s strategy, we will be defeated over and over again.
The Elijah Principles Part 3 (44:34)
If God works miracles some of the time, why doesn’t he work them all the time? We must learn that miracles are not about us. Miracles are about God.
One Sleepless Night (21:46)
From the story of Jesus praying in Gethsemane we learn something about God’s will, something about temptation, and something about the high cost of our salvation.
Does Prayer Make a Difference? (47:43)
On the radio program “Fire Away,” Ray Pritchard joins the AFR team to discuss the power of prayer. They took calls from listeners about faith, how to pray without ceasing, fasting, and how to pray for the dying.
Lessons for Modern Day Sowers of the Word (26:08)
If we keep on sowing the Word, we will reap a harvest in God’s time, by his grace, for his glory. So keep on sowing and let God bring in the harvest in his own time.
God Is Not Finished Yet (29:33)

Dr. Ray Pritchard preached this message recently at Elmhurst (IL) Christian Reformed Church. This message encourages us to believe God for great things based on the little word “yet.” (Sermon)

Faith, Sickness, and Prayer for Healing (45:05)
Ray Pritchard joins Tim Wildmon and Marvin Sanders on “Today’s Issues” to discuss the role of faith in praying for the sick. How should we pray? What are we asking God to do?
Open My Eyes, Lord (25:42)
Sometimes we worry too much about the symptoms without dealing with the root issues of life. We should pray, “Open the eyes of my heart, Lord,” because when that happens, life will radically change.
The Prayers of Gary Olson (16:57)
Gary Olson loved to pray. After he died on November 2, 1999, we compiled some of the prayers he prayed during the worship services at Calvary Memorial Church in Oak Park, IL.
The Wind Blows Wherever It Wills (30:23)
The Holy Spirit brings us continually into a deeper, more profound experience of who God is. He brings more of God to us as we bring more of us to him.
Praying for Your Prodigal (36:15)

This sermon will help you know how to pray for your loved ones who today are far from the Lord. (Sermon)

Theology at Midnight (46:08)
If with Paul and Silas you can sing praise to God at midnight, then what you’ve got is real.
When in Trouble, Pray! (28:38)
Here are five ways to pray when your back is against the wall.
Wanted: Bold Believers (33:33)
There are doors God waits to open for us if only we will pray.
Lucky to Love (39:43)
Nothing is too small to bring to God’s attention. If it matters to you, it matters to him.
Report from China (54:26)
On this edition of “Exploring the Word,” Ray Pritchard gives a report on his recent trip to China.
Beyond Your Dreams (36:47)
God is able to do whatever it takes to answer our deepest prayers.
How to Pray With Power (32:02)
If you ever decide to seek God’s will, your life may be many things, but it won’t be boring.
How God Pursues Prodigals (43:07)
Some of us have to learn the hard way that you can’t run from God forever.
Empty Barrel Graduate School (40:37)
Are we willing to obey God even when it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense?
Praying for the Sick (41:28)
When we pray for the sick, we are doing the work of Jesus in the world.
Is Jesus Enough for Me? (46:25)
Susie Larson and Pastor Ray discuss how the death of Christ is good news for those who feel like their faith is weak.
To an Unknown God (41:06)
Between you and your unbelieving friends there is abundant common ground if only you will look for it.
Can We Still Believe in Romans 8:28? (39:13)
There are many things we don’t know. But this we do know: God is at work, and he has not forgotten us.
How to Pray Like Paul (53:57)
Pastor Ray and Susie Larson discuss how to improve your prayers by learning to pray like the Apostle Paul.
The Blessing and Burden of an Utterly Predictable Life (44:14)
Your ministry will have lasting impact in direct proportion to the integrity of your own life.
I’ve Got a Question (52:11)
Pastor Ray answers questions at Cannon Beach Conference Center, June 2012.
A Place to Pray (20:06)
We must learn to pray as if our lives depended on it – because they do.
The Church in China (20:53)
A radio interview discussing what we can learn from the amazing growth of the Chinese church.
If God is Sovereign, Why Pray? (34:18)
When we don’t pray, it’s because we’ve forgotten who’s God and who’s not.
The Widow Who Never Gave Up (43:42)
Keep believing and keep on praying. You never know what God will do.
Will Only a Few People Be Saved? (47:25)
The answer may surprise you.
When You Feel Like Quitting (34:13)
If you know the Lord, he will give you grace to stand when otherwise you would fall apart.
What Moves Your Mountain? (29:04)
God is looking for some men and women who will dare to live by faith.
How to Pray When Life Blows Up (40:09)
Nowhere will your heart be on clearer display than in the trials of life.
The Mystery of Unanswered Prayer (31:00)
Sometimes God’s No is better than his Yes.

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